Divine Logic

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An Important Question

Why should anyone believe in Christianity, after all, Christianity isn't even the largest of the world's great religions; indeed, why should we believe anything that does not make logical sense? Does Buddha or Mohammed offer any proof for their religious claims? A quick investigation into these other large religions soon proves the error contained in them. Buddha sought to be a truth seeker but never claimed to have found it. Mohammed claimed to have found it but never revealed what it was. Jesus alone claimed to be the truth of God, so it is this avenue we must follow. Of course, when we say he's the truth of God, we assume there is a God.


Why should anyone believe there is a God, after all, seeing is believing, right? If there is no God, then, of course, it follows that Jesus of Nazareth was not his son, there are no such things as ghosts, in particular, the Holy Ghost, and the bible is not the revelation of God because he doesn't exist.


If this is so, then the church is one huge deception, if not fraud, and those who lead it are at least deceived, if not down right thieves or con artists. If so, we must consider the possibility that there is no such thing as morally right or wrong, only things approved or disapproved by law, things necessary to maintain order.


It would appear at first glance that this pragmatic, although cynical, viewpoint has merit. It would seem that things begin, exist for awhile and pass away. Objects tend to have definite shape, size and weight. One can trace their origin from beginning to end and eventually all things pass from existence, including, we ourselves. Why not eat, drink and live without regret or conscience, after all, if there is no heaven, then neither is there a hell.


Many believe that man invented God to satisfy his deep-rooted desire to live forever. Man used God to gain control over chaos, ordering society so that he could exist in it without fear. We now call this process civilization. Was God just a figment of the imagination of man? Did man create God or did God create man? If we are to deal with these issues we cannot use the bible to support any evidence until we've proven that:

A. There is a God
B. There is a spirit world
C. Christ is the Son of God
D. The bible is the word of God.


Think About It

We must, by the use of the most elementary logic, prove these statements or conclude that all religion is false and should be totally ignored or utterly destroyed. Science, throughout the ages, has tried its best to prove that the existence of God is nothing but a myth, a fairytale told to those who, like small children, have the innocence necessary to believe in fantasies.


Some scientists have rested their considerable educations on the belief that at some point in time, a cosmic explosion occurred which set the wheels of life and evolution into motion. Others believe that a moment was reached in time when all circumstances coincidentally came together in just the right way, at just the right time to produce life. This spark of life began and miraculously survived, developed, gained five senses, the ability to heal itself and reproduce, all without assistance from anything or anyone. Of course, it took eons of time, but it evolved into all the life forms we now know, both living and extinct.


The Dilemma

Of course, this brings us to two very perplexing questions.
1. If a cosmic explosion occurred in the universe, there had to be a universe. Where did it come from?
2. If all elements were in place to accidentally kick off life, where did these elements come from?


Life requires a few essential things to survive, like water, sun, light and a food supply of some kind. Food, in and of itself, is or was a form of life, so this too, is a mystery. Of course, we could be speaking of chemical nutrients, but where did they come from and how did they arrive in our sphere or how did our sphere of life reach them? Where did these nutrients originate and how is it that they were just the right nutrients necessary to sustain life?


Can You Believe It

While passing through the dump of a large metropolitan city, I observed an explosion which threw tons of debris into the air. Metal, glass, wood, plastic and many other materials were spontaneously hurled into the atmosphere in a giant cloud of dust. When the dust settled, I was surprised to see a beautiful television set which had been formed perfectly by the falling debris. There it was, with all the necessary circuit boards, picture tube, chrome, control buttons, artistically crafted cabinetry and even a designer label showing a brand name. Incredibly, it was a perfect design created by a set of accidental circumstances taking place spontaneously. I, of course, had to plug it in because it had no power of its own but, to my delight, when I plugged it in, it performed in living color and without flaw. Do you believe me?


If you do, I have a few things I'd like to sell you while they still allow you to walk around without a keeper. In spite of this, many so-called intelligent human beings allow themselves to be convinced of a far more preposterous story than this one. What's even more amazing is that it's believed and taught in classrooms across the land and around the world. Let me explain.


Intelligent Design

It would be safe, if not extremely modest to say that the human body is, at a minimum, one hundred times more complex than a television set. TV's don't talk by themselves. They don't see, hear, taste, feel, smell, heal or reproduce. They have no emotions with which to experience joy, sorrow, love, hate, fear, accomplishment, etc. They have no means with which to travel from or to any destination nor an intelligence capable of building or creating an environment suitable to their liking. Yet, in the face of this, students sit in classrooms and allow so-called learned men to convince them that all life as we know it began by accident without benefit of intelligent design.


Many of us buy pictures to hang on our walls painted by artists we've never seen or met, but we have no doubt they had such a creator. Why? Because they're a perfect design and a perfect design must have a designer. I've never met those who built or designed my TV, but I'm sure it didn't come about by a cosmic explosion, taking place in a moment of time, when all the right circumstances were present to guarantee a perfect horizontal and vertically controlled color picture. It would take an idiot to believe such nonsense, but students by the thousands accept this drivel without question. They believe the human body and all other life forms, though far more intricate than any product of technology, came about as a result of an enormous coincidence.


If we believe that every perfect design has a designer, that the picture must have a painter, the house an architect, the bridge an engineer, the vase a potter, then we, as humans, must declare that our very existence proves beyond any doubt that there is a creator. We are his creation, wonderfully made and designed by him. Can we, as his creations, do any less than worship him as our God? Is this not logical? Is this not clearly divine logic? Therefore, to believe there is no God denies our own creation and is not logical.


Now, having proven logically that, we ourselves are the greatest evidence for the existence of God, let us move our attention to what might be the greatest question ever pondered. The question now being considered is, where did God come from? We will answer this question, but to do so, we must realize that not all questions can be satisfied with a declaration or statement of fact. Some questions can only be answered with other questions. This is one of them.


God’s Existence

Those of us who believe there is a God, also believe he is from everlasting to everlasting, which is to say, he had no beginning. To the logical mind this, at first glance, appears to be irrational. To those who need to establish a finite point in time when God began, let me address a few questions. First, what is the end of the mathematical value of Pi which begins with 3.1415…? What is the highest number there is? We all use mathematics daily in our lives, so the answers to these first two questions should be easy. What is the distance from east to west or the beginning and end of a circle? How high is up?


The enemy of God desires that we do not believe he is, which is to say, that he exists. We use things daily that have no beginning or end but never stop to consider them. We never doubt them because the enemy of God cares little if we believe a circle has no beginning or end, but he cares a great deal if we believe in an eternally existent God who desires a relationship with his creations. There are many things we use from day to day that have no beginning or end and as difficult as it may be for our finite minds to grasp, God is one of them! I mentioned an enemy of God, we'll talk more of this later.


Simply because God created most things to have a beginning and end does not mean he is limited by these general rules. Many believe that God is a spirit and a spirit moves and exists in a world unrestrained by physical law. How do we get our logical minds to understand this? Certainly there can be no way to logically understand that which we can not see or feel. Wrong! The world of the microscope has opened up a large spectrum of things we neither see nor feel. Things which affect our lives daily. Things which cure and things which kill. Even our very visible physical bodies are made up of billions of cells which cannot be seen with the natural eye, yet they are very real.


OK, you're thinking I cheated a little and you're right. Microscopic things, though too small to see, are nevertheless physical, and God is a spirit and therefore cannot be one of them. I only mention them because I wanted to demonstrate one simple truth: seeing is not reason to believe or disbelieve in the existence of God.


The Spirit World

There is a spiritual world, and now we will logically prove it. The sound made by a person singing can set up sonic vibrations strong enough to shatter glass, but can sound be weighed? Can it be seen? Can you touch it? What shape is it? One can measure its waves, determine its frequency, but is it physical? No, it's not, even though it can impact the physical world greatly. The power of sound is the spiritual material by which words are given life.


Things which are physical are affected by things physical, but things spiritual, though able to influence the physical dimension, cannot be directly affected by it. Thought is able to initiate the mental stimulus required to motivate a physical response, but thought itself is not physical. Proposition: if physical things kill physical things (a physical bullet destroys a physical body) then what destroys those things that are not physical? Can a bullet or knife kill a thought? True, you can kill the brain that holds the thought, but isn't that like trying to destroy water by breaking the glass that holds it?


Our body functions daily by the force of something called life. What color is life? How much does it weigh? What shape is it? Can you put it in a bottle? When a young man dies from a blood clot blocking the flow of blood to the heart can we, using today's technology remove the clot from the dead body? Yes! Will the body now return to life? No, not if the life has gone. Even if the body is repaired, life, which is a spirit, will not return. It's not the same as fixing a car that won't start.


Though the physical dimension is the most visible, it is not the most important. The physical is nothing but a dumb servant catering to the dictates of the spiritual; in other words, what is seen is influenced and controlled by what is unseen. Thoughts and feelings influence and control my body; things like comfort may determine where I sit or what I sit on or even if I sit. Ever see a pound of comfort? A man may destroy a possession or even a person because of anger. Have you ever seen what color anger is or what shape it takes? One may lay down their life for one they love. What does love look like, or peace or joy, or the many other spiritually unseen things which motivate and dramatically influence our lives from day to day? If these things are not physical, then they're spiritual and if we admit these things, though unseen, are real then we're admitting, logically, that there is a real spiritual world.


If life then is spiritual and the body merely a container for it, then who can prove that when the physical body dies that which is spiritual dies with it? If physical things destroy physical things then what destroys those things which are not physical? If I fire a gun into the wind, does the wind drop dead at my feet? To deny the existence of an unseen spiritual world is to deny all thought, emotion and reason. This is not logical. Logic itself is spiritual, isn't it?


Two Opposing Forces

Now that we have logically reasoned that there is a spiritual world superior to the physical, we can conclude that the designer, God, is its central and most important influence. Being aware that spiritual influences are often at cross purposes with each other serves to prove logically that, while the chief designer moves in one direction in harmony with his agenda, another force moves contrariwise at cross purposes with the designer's plan. We can then conclude logically that there is a force at work in God's creation which works against His plan in favor of destroying what he purposes. This force can thus be labeled evil, for at the foundation of all evil is destruction.


In determining this we have rationally arrived at the logical conclusion that there are two major forces at work in creation; the first, which builds, and the latter, which attempts to destroy that which the former has built. If by shattering the glass we fail to destroy the water it held, then it's likely that destroying the body (death) won't destroy the life contained in it. Now, let's review what we have proven logically.


1. There is a designer (God) who controls both the physical and spiritual world.
2. He created in perfect balance, order and design.
3. Another force is at work to corrupt the perfection of God's creation.
4. God is not limited by time or space but is an eternal, spiritual being.


The Character Of God

The nature of God can be determined by a logical evaluation of his creation. Because God has given man dominance over other life forms, we can determine that man holds a favored position with his creator. From both man's emotional (spiritual) and physical attributes we can learn much about his creator. In order to impart love to us, our creator had to first know what love is. To do so, we learn that God, Himself, has love. To impart joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness or the rest of the emotional spectrum, we learn that God has them also, this includes jealousy, anger and many of those things better left in God's control.


Because God gave man sight we learn that he also has this capability. The same applies to smell, hearing, taste and touch. We can learn much about the creator by examining his creations, but not everything, for God's abilities must far exceed our own to have accomplished the immense wonders we find in just our small corner of the universe.


By just looking at our own bodies we discover that they're equipped with endorphins. Endorphins are released into the body at times of extreme stress to relieve stress and control pain. What does this tell us about man's creator? It should tell us that God gives us pain as a warning of body failure, but not as an instrument of persecution or torture. The fact that our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves reveals that God is merciful and kind, desiring to mend what is broken and restore what is lacking. If this were not so, then why build in such a compassionate system of checks and balances? Undeniably he did, so logically he must be seen as good rather than cruel, merciful as opposed to merciless, selfless rather than selfish.


Another clear view into God's compassionate character can be seen in the immune system he gave to each of us. From this gift we learn two very important things about our creator.


1. He knows that there is a force which is at war with Him and seeks to destroy all that he creates. For this reason he has given his creation this special form of protection. If there were no forces bent on our destruction, there would be no need for an immune system.
2. Because our creator has protected us from these destructive forces, we can validate His love and concern for us. Why else would He have given us this gift?


Both of these facts deserve our logical consideration, but add to this the fact that our creator gave us bodies that heal themselves, and we learn that he not only cares to protect us from what others may do to harm us, but cares equally what we may unintentionally do to harm ourselves.


The Other Side

Having logically made a case for our creator's care and love for us, I am compelled by that same logic to examine facts which suggest the opposite. For example, the toll taken on human life by war brings an element of doubt to our creator's image. The twisted, crippling results of birth defects upon children, suggests another. The poor that search daily for food and shelter and those ravaged by disease which affects both mind and body are yet another. How can we hope logically to vindicate a creator who allows such atrocities?


The Battle For Control

Let's logically consider the possibility that suffering of this type upon the innocent is not a product of His planning but rather the fruit of a destructive moral i.e. (spiritual) virus that many call sin. Let us consider that God did not introduce this virus into the universe he created, but another force did, the same force he created the immune system to protect us from. It is not important for us to know at this point how the force of destruction came into being, it is sufficient that we logically know it exists. Logically, the creation around us depicts an incredible order and balance; no one could logically deny that. This being so, we must resolve that no creator of such order would author such chaos. Such damage to his perfect creation could only invoke his anger. His attention would have to shift from his continuous creation labors to protective measures made necessary by this opposing force. His attention would have to shift from building to repairing and protecting.


We must not ignore our own role in the logic of this scenario, for we, being corrupted, are capable of contributing to the forces of destruction, especially in the area of war. It may have been our creator's idea to give his creation a free will, but it was his creation's idea (man's notion) to use it to further the cause of evil. While in the park, a father may instruct his little girl not to run on the cement but instead to play on the grass so that if she falls she won't get hurt. If she falls on the cement after disobeying her father, can she logically lay the blame for the mishap on him? If we use our free will to contribute to our own destruction, can we lay the blame on our creator?


The only way the creator could have avoided all tragedies would be for him to control our will completely. This would make us no more than toy robots. Is this what we want him to do? Are we willing to give up our free will to accomplish this? Logic says no. Our creator who has thus far solved all the problems of creation, will find a way to solve this problem also. It would be logical to conclude that He already has a plan and that it's already at work. It would not be logical, after observing the complexity and completeness of his creation, to assume he will leave even one error of birth uncorrected in his continuing creation. It would be logical to conclude that these physical defects will cease when physical life does and not be carried into any future existence which extends beyond our mortal existence.


What man reflects as good must then be seen as a reflection of His creator, but man reflects other things as well, things that contradict this selfless image. At some point, God's creation developed traits which didn't reflect His nature. When and how did man acquire these traits? Were they built in or acquired later? Did God give them or did they come from another source? There can be no doubt that there are two major influences, opposed to each other, at work in the world today. Not only are they at work in the world, but more specifically, at work in man. These two opposing elements are good and evil. If we have determined that the Creator is good then we must conclude that he is not responsible for the wickedness found within his creation. It, after all, seeks to destroy the very things that the creator has lovingly built.


For whatever reason, due to whatever circumstance man, God's premier creation on earth, has been inhabited by both these influences, and our own logic bears witness. We may not understand, at this point, how this destructive second force came into being, but our own destructive nature proves it exists. We, ourselves, are undeniable, logical evidence of this.


On one side, we have a conscience and with it a desire; a will, to do what is morally correct, to do what builds up rather than that which tears down. On the other side, we have a nature that is base, one that loves the adventure of doing what is contrary. One that seeks its own selfish ends without regard for damages caused. A nature with a compelling appetite that can only be temporarily satisfied by self-indulgence. A nature that can never get enough of what looks good, tastes good, feels good, a nature that hungers to have power over things it desires to control, a nature which cares little for consequence while it satisfies its voracious appetite. How can man, made with such perfection and polluted so completely, hope to please a creator so pure, so unspotted? If we a defiled creation, were united with our perfect creator, would we not soil his garments?


Spiritual Disease

If I possess two beakers of liquid, with both beakers containing pure distilled water, and then add a clear solution of a deadly virus, to beaker No. 2 of beaker No. 2 can I add to beaker No. 1 before polluting it? If God, our creator, reclaimed us (his creations) in our present condition, wouldn't he succeed in corrupting himself? Haven't we become beaker No. 2 and isn't the virus we carry called sin? From this we can logically conclude that re-unification with the creator would be impossible in our present condition. Our present condition would have to completely change to affect a totally unpolluted union. Would our creator want this union? If so, how could it be accomplished? Can we ourselves, accomplish it? How can the polluted hope to bring about unpolluted perfection? It is not logically possible. All impurities would have to be removed by an uncontaminated source. If the uncontaminated has direct contact with the contaminated, then the contamination would spread to it. This too, would not be logical. To create a vaccine against this deadly sin virus, it would be necessary to find or create a human with an immune system unweakened by any frailty, one strong enough not to be overcome by the sin virus.


Speaking In A Metaphor

If God is a spirit then He is without flesh or blood and therefore unsuited for the task thus, an intermediate source would have to be used. A source unaffected by the destructive spiritual sin virus. One strong enough to resist but one capable of developing antibodies that would aggressively seek out all traces of the spiritual virus and destroy it completely. To obtain antibodies, this strong intermediate source would have to defeat this spiritual virus unaided so that the spiritual antibodies created from the contest could be harvested and used in those willing to receive it. Such antibodies are carried by the blood and from this victorious blood a spiritual vaccine could be formulated to give immunity to all who are willing to receive it. This blood would then destroy the sin virus on contact. The Prophet Isaiah, writing about Jesus, recorded the following in the Christian Bible.


Isaiah 53:5
But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities:  the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Continuing this metaphor, to get blood you must have a flesh and blood human being. To get untainted blood you must have a human who has conquered, i.e. resisted the sin virus. Where can such a person be found? With only two forces present in the universe, one good and the other evil, it is clear that this intermediate person would have to come from one of them, and as His mission is to preserve good and destroy evil, it is clear that he could only be taken from the good force, the God or creator force. Nothing else is logical.


So then, the creator would have to give birth from his own substance, his own being, and he would have to package this new and separate life in a human body and expose him to the sin virus in order to test his sinless immune system, conquer the invader (virus) and produce a blood vaccine strong enough to cleanse the virus from all those who would willingly receive its cleansing and healing power. This intermediate would have to be fully man according to the flesh, with a free will, and fully God in spirit. This would mean enduring a perilous risk.

If the intermediate yielded his will to the destructive force (the sin force) at any time, his own immune system would be compromised by succumbing to the sin virus rather than conquering it. Failure to overcome the sin virus would mean death for the intermediate and, without a vaccine, death to all who have been affected by the sin virus thus the death of all mankind.  Ro 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Who is this intermediate? Does he exist? If he exists, where and when did he live? Did he accomplish His mission? Is the sin virus under attack today, or is it continuing unmolested?


We must now search for logical evidence needed to answer these most important questions. We must search for a historical character that first understands all the logic we have thus far discussed, one that meets all the criteria and understands the problem that we have discovered using our simple logic.

We are now left searching for an individual that has a direct link to the creator, understands the corruption problem, yet is unaffected by the corruption. He must be a human, and this man must know that his mission is to confront this corruptive spiritual virus directly, expose himself to it and overcome it. Through this victory, a spiritual vaccine can be made from His blood that destroys the sin virus in man purging it from him so that he may be brought back into union with the creator, free of this deadly life-robbing infection, once again made whole made perfect and clean through the cleansing power of the victor's untainted blood.


Think Again

Before we reject all the religions of the world, wouldn't it be more logical to examine each to see if any fit the picture required to meet our logical conclusions? After an exhaustive study we will find there is only one of the world's religions that could fit our expectations. It isn't the largest, but it is one of the top three or four.


Examine The Evidence

The religion I speak of is Christianity. Christianity is made up of those who recognize their need for a cure for the sin virus which has infected them. It recognizes Jesus the Christ (promised, anointed one of God) as the one born of God, sent to be an intermediate. One who is without sin yet having a free will, who will take upon himself the spiritual virus of sin, conquer it and make available to all, the life-saving spiritual power of his sanctified blood.


Can we prove this Christian Jesus existed? Proving he existed is as easy as writing today's date. Proving he is the son of God is as easy as examining his life. Since the first recorded year of history, each generation has repeatedly documented the existence of Christ. Jesus has been declared by every newspaper, court, school and place of business in the civilized world. When we write the date of any transaction, we record the day, month and year in which the subject transaction took place. For example, I bought my first car July sixth, nineteen sixty-two. Nineteen hundred and sixty-two years from what? The answer is nineteen hundred and sixty-two years from the birth of Christ, who is known also as Jesus of Nazareth.


If we've been numbering each of our years since his birth, how can we now claim he never existed? Logical evidence says he did. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, I've never seen it. Among the evidence that Christ and his twelve apprentices existed is the testimony of a respected Jewish historian employed by the Roman government named Josephus.


The writings of Josephus exist to this day and are accepted and acclaimed for the accuracy of their historical record. Josephus declares that he, himself, was not a Christian, but speaks of those who were close to Jesus and in fact, speaks of Jesus himself. In his twentieth book of the Jewish Antiquities, Flavius Josephus declares that the temple suffered demolishment because of what the people had done to James, the brother of Jesus, who Josephus regarded as a very religious man. I repeat, Josephus was not a Christian, nor was he one of those who recorded the things written in the bible, the written record of Christianity and its teachings.


Now that we've mentioned it, let's talk about the bible. We have many in the bible who wrote  about Jesus. In a court of law, written testimony called an affidavit or deposition is admitted into evidence regularly, especially when it corroborates other testimony. Each of the writers of the section of the bible called the New Testament offers testimony to the existence of Christ. There is nothing credible that offers any evidence to the contrary. We could continue to add material that proves that Jesus of Nazareth was a historical figure, but all additions at this point would be redundant. We already have proven logically that Jesus truly existed.


Sent From God

Was Jesus the son of God? Let us now turn our attention to this question. The God of creation would certainly find a way of letting us know if Jesus was being sent for our cleansing, but how? Those who believe God exists and are aware of their sin problem would be the best candidates to receive this information, but once again, how? A small group of people might possibly have arrived at the logical conclusion that there is a God, but most would not be aware that they are incapable of dealing with the sin virus. The nature of man with its pride and vanity, believes that all problems can be solved by intelligent human analysis. Wrong! Man's wisdom has repeatedly revealed that he is drowning in his own error. It was man's error that polluted his spirit in the beginning by yielding to the evil force, any attempt to rid himself of the virus would only exacerbate the problem.


The only logical path for God to take would be to first reveal to man the complete hopelessness of his situation. By doing this, man would then be aware of his inability to rid himself of the sin virus and turn to God for help. Was there a group that believed in the existence of a creator? According to recorded history, there was. One special man believed in a creator God. He believed this creator to be a God of love and concern. He believed it was possible to communicate with this God. Was he crazy? Was this possible? Why not? If we've reasoned it out, why not someone else? There were rumors and stories of such things talked about by this man's generation, but were they myths?


The man we speak of here is known as Abraham and his family. He and his family believed in this personal God. We could dismiss this man and his relationship with the creator easily if it were not for certain historical facts. Three of the world's greatest religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, though vigorously opposed to each other, agree on the subject of Abraham. Each maintains that he was the father or founder of their religion and the historical record agrees. Further, each agrees that he began the other religions as well. The Jews agree that he is the father of Islam and the Christians agree that he is the father of both Islam and Judaism, etc.


From this man came two ancient religions and later a third. Which of these first two great religions would the God of creation choose to reveal Himself to? Each produced a great multitude of followers, but only one was chosen to be the people of God's divine revelation. God would reveal the dilemma caused by the sin virus problem to this ancient people. He would later choose to reveal the cure to another special body of people, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.


It takes awhile to build a great following, a nation coming from your own descendents. Abraham's people grew from generation to generation. Abraham had a son whose name was Ishmael, born of one of Abraham's slaves. Ishmael was cast off with his mother and so began what became the Arab nations. Isaac, Abraham's son born of his wife, Sarah, Abraham's rightful heir, has been, according to Abraham, the son God promised him; the one from whom all the nations of Israel would come. Isaac, whose name means "laughter," had two sons, the younger called Jacob, whose name was later changed to Israel, which means prince and the older, Esau, who was a celebrated hunter.


Before multiple marriage was forbidden, Jacob had two wives, Leah and Rachel, who were sisters. Leah gave Jacob six sons, Rueben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zabulon. Rachel gave him two, Joseph and Benjamin. He also had sons born of the handmaidens of his two wives. From Bilhah, Rachel's handmaid, came Dan and Naphtali and from Zilpah, Leah's handmaid, came Gad and Asher, for a total of twelve. These evolved into the twelve tribes which formed the nation of Israel (the Hebrew nation, also known as the Jewish nation).


Jewish history recorded that all seventy descendents of Jacob made their home in Egypt during the great famine which took place while Joseph (Jacob's son by Rachel) was in power there under Pharaoh. They remained and multiplied there until, as the creator had planned, they had grown into a nation. The Egyptians persecuted the Hebrew nation because of their increase in size and strength. God, aware of the suffering of his chosen people, directed the Hebrew nation of Israel to flee under the leadership of the man called Moses, who was born into the tribe of Levi.


Exposing The Sin Virus

At last the creator had a people raised up to believe in him alone but, like all people, they were not convinced they needed rescue from any plague, even the plague of sin. Through Moses, God gave these people ten simple, logical rules to follow but it soon became evident to each that they were unable to keep these simple rules. They knew that if they died in sin it could mean eternal punishment, eternal separation from God. At this point God had them exactly where he wanted them. All he had done thus far was to raise up a people who would realize their hopeless condition realize their inability to rescue themselves and call upon God for a solution. The people were now aware of their weakness toward sin.


We must be aware of this weakness also. God responded with a temporary solution that would teach the principles necessary to understand His final answer to the sin virus problem. God instituted a sacrificial system. By shedding the blood of an innocent animal, the people could, year by year, obtain a temporary reprieve from judgment but nothing that was lasting. In short, the shed blood of the chosen sacrifice could only provide a temporary solution by covering the sin that it could not remove. This animal sacrifice provided temporary symptomatic relief from the sin virus but could not bring about a final and complete cure. While this was going on, God himself was preparing the perfect sacrifice, one that could totally deal with the sin virus for all time, one that could completely cleanse it from the soul (spirit and body) of all who would accept the vaccine. This spiritual vaccine would be created through the sin exposed blood of the mediator, the one made from God's very own spiritual substance. Though exposed, his blood would remain uncontaminated by sin unless he too fell to temptation and committed sin. Remember, we're still speaking metaphorically.


The Cure

God would give birth to a son, he would clothe this son with the bone, flesh and blood of man. He would fashion him as any son born to man with man's emotional and intellectual limitations so that he would reflect man and man would reflect him. He would be equipped with all of man's strengths and all of the weaknesses that free will offer. He would be as the first man ever created.


In this form He would directly confront the deadly sin virus. He would allow himself to be exposed and attacked by it. The virus would try to overcome and destroy Him. If he succumbed to it, all hope for restoring mankind to purity would be lost, but if he proved to be stronger than the virus, then his blood would become the spiritual cure, the vaccine for all who accepted its cleansing power. What a plan! Remember, the first created man had died from the sin virus and through him the sin virus had been transmitted with its inherited weaknesses, to all future generations of man.


The logic of such a plan is unquestionable, but can we find this incredible strategy among any of the world's literary works? Is there a written strategy somewhere that outlines this logic? Among the great religions of the world, can there be found one that knows of such a divinely inspired plan? The answer to both of these critical questions is a resounding YES! The religion is Christianity, and the literary work, is the one that Christians call the "Word of God" known also as the bible.


It would be entirely logical at this point to believe that any book outlining such a plan would most certainly be divinely inspired, such a book would have to be the work of the creator. If this book is the work of the creator, then it would speak of the coming salvation and the one who would bring it. God would announce the arrival of his mediator, his appointed messenger, his Son. Because this representative would be made from the creator's own spirit, we can, with all confidence, attribute to him the title of God's only son, the only son birthed from the creator himself. Certainly the coming of this savior would be announced in this book and other events pertaining to his life and work would be recorded there long before taking place.


If such events were predicted and came to pass, it would remove all doubt about the credibility of the book. We know the bible predates Christianity so it would be logical for us to look among those who lived before Jesus to tell us of him prior to his arrival. Their testimony could be regarded as sound and logical evidence if, in fact, those things spoken of Him actually happened and were verified by others.


It was foretold that God’s only birthed son would be born to a Jewish woman descended from the line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  That he would be born into the tribe of Judah and be heir to the throne of David, the second King of Israel.  His birth was to be in Bethlehem where he would be born to a virgin.  The prophets declared him to be the Son of God one thousand (1000) years before his birth.  It was prophesied that he would have a ministry in Galilee and be betrayed to his enemies by a friend for thirty (30) pieces of silver. Five to seven hundred years before his birth it was prophesied that he would be crucified with criminals, have his hands, feet and side pierced, be buried with the rich only to be resurrected to life before his body had time to decay.  All these prophesies came to pass and many more.  Can there be any logical doubt that this was the one chosen to save mankind from the deadly sin virus?


The writings of Paul, a Pharisee and a tent maker, John a fisherman, Matthew a tax collector for the Roman government and Luke, a gentile physician, all living in the time of Jesus provide eye witness testimony to all previous claims and to the mighty miracles, which they witnessed him or his followers do.


Scientific Theory vs. Biblical Truth

Well over 2000 years before Magellan circumnavigated the earth, proving to all the intellectuals of the world that the earth was round, a bible prophet by the name of Isaiah said that God stands upon the circle of the earth. He said this when everyone believed the earth to be flat (Is 40:22). This same prophet declared that the coming savior to be sent by God would be born in the small, obscure, little town of Bethlehem, Judea, located near the Dead Sea in the middle east. This would put his birth near the geographical point where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa come together. This suggests he was meant to be the savior of all men, not just of one continent, nation or people, but of all the people of the earth.


Another prophet, born approximately 600 years before Jesus, announced that Jesus would die (be cut off) but not for himself, indicating he would give his life for others. In 30 AD, Christ Jesus was put to death, but not for himself. As foretold by the prophets, he died for the sins of all men. David, the prophet King of Israel, who is not only a popular biblical figure, but a well-known and accepted historical character, wrote that the savior would conquer death and be resurrected.


The Bible Stands Alone

To say the bible is an amazing book would be a gross understatement when you consider that it was written, piece by piece, over a period of 1,500 years by more than 40 different writers, and these writers came from various walks of life. Some were military leaders, some were priests, and among them were writers, kings, fishermen, shepherds and prime ministers. It is the only book to claim authorship by God. Its writings reveal the author as the creator and God of the universe.


The writers were obedient scribes. Not one of these writers differs from another, but each pours out a stream of revelation in complete, flawless harmony, in a unity that can only be logically described as supernatural. There exists no other book on earth like it, and though intellectuals have spurned it, criticized it and denied it, none have been able to disprove it. Books of science are corrected and updated yearly as errors are discovered and knowledge increases but the bible has required no such revision. Why? Logic says because it is what it claims to be, the word of God.


Is Jesus God’s Son

Is Jesus who he claimed to be? We have proven that the person of Jesus existed, but was he the son of God as He claimed? If he is the son of God, then he would have to meet every prophecy spoken by the prophets about Him. For example, he would have to be born of a virgin in the ancestral line of King David. He would have to be born in Bethlehem, Judea. He, before the age of two, would have to flee to Egypt to avoid Herod's slaughter of the innocent. He would be declared the son of God, have a ministry in Galilee and be recognized as a prophet. He would heal the broken hearted, be rejected by his own people and be betrayed by a friend. He would be turned over to His enemies for thirty pieces of silver and accused by false witnesses before whom he would stand silent. After scorning him and mocking him, his feet and hands would be pierced through, he would be hated without reason, spit upon and crucified with common criminals. He would be offered vinegar to satisfy his thirst and he would then pray for his enemies. Soldiers would gamble for his clothes, they would pierce his side but not break his bones and his friends would bury him with the rich, but he would rise from the dead in three days and ascend to his father in heaven after 40 days. All these things and many more would he have to accomplish before qualifying as God's mediator sent to save us from the sin virus. The prophets born long before Jesus foretold all these things and more and, he fulfilled them all.


It is not logical to consider all this as possible for any ordinary man to fulfill, indeed, we might well consider it impossible for such events to be fulfilled by one solitary man. Many of these events were beyond his human control and thus would require the aid of a strong spiritual force, the same spiritual force that revealed them to the prophets long before they took place. We might well ask, how do we know they took place, what evidence do we have to verify them? Though each of these things were predicted hundreds of years before his birth, those alive during his lifetime witnessed and recorded the literal fulfillment of each of the prophecies mentioned here. We have their names and testimonies which attest to the accuracy of these events, and all can be verified in the bible by their sworn testimony.


Though strong forces opposed Him (forces of destruction), this solitary man, who never traveled more then three hundred miles from home, never held political office, never achieved any of those goals to which we normally attribute greatness, yet has influenced the entire world beyond what others could have imagined or dreamed. His enemies killed him for claiming to be God's son, but never examined the evidence which lay before their eyes that proved he was.


Though they hated him, none of them denied his ability to cause the blind to see, the lame to walk or dead to rise. He cleansed lepers, and no one accused him of being a fake or phony, but when he forgave man, cleansing the sin virus, he was accused, arrested and executed. His enemies knew that only God's son could effectively deal with the spiritual virus of sin but they weren't prepared to admit this, though they saw it with their own eyes. Instead, they claimed he received this power from the forces of evil. Even so, they never denied he had the power to heal the sick and raise the dead.


Jesus Understood

Finally, the teachings of his whole life bear witness to the fact that he understood completely all that was involved in the sin virus problem. He recognized the important part he played in that solution and explained it in detail to all those gifted with the divine logic necessary to understand him. Do you understand? Can you accept and believe that he was who he claimed to be? Can you believe the overwhelming evidence of history? Or will you, like his enemies, deny Him and the loving Father that sent him to rescue you from the hopeless end which awaits all those who suffer and die with the sin virus? The choice is yours.


If you don't accept him as God's answer to the sin problem, then you reject him. There is no middle road. What happens now? The same forces of evil which tried to stop Jesus will now try to stop you. Listen, if God is real, then the forces of evil are real also; you must believe the logic of this. They will try hard to turn you away or point you in the wrong direction, but don't be fooled. Don't let them play tricks with your mind or your soul.


Examining The Sin Virus
(An illustration of redemption)

Man was not created to die, he was created to live free of pollution and disease.  He was created to live forever but early in his genesis (beginning), he fell victim to a fatal illness, one caused by sin, which brought sickness, suffering and death to his body, mind and spirit.  For the purpose of this discussion we have labeled this disease “the sin virus”.


Viruses are frequently incurable diseases which can produce cancer cells.  What are cancer cells?  Cancer cells are radical cells which have mutated, no longer following the normal genetic program encoded by their designer.  Instead, these cells collect and reproduce radically, obstructing healthy biological systems needed to sustain life.


Viruses are resistant to most forms of treatment.  They not only affect the normal physical functions of the body but can have a detrimentally profound affect on the mind causing abnormalities in human thought and behavior.  There are a variety of viruses at work constantly, each having its own unique characteristics.  The normal pathology for most viruses affecting us today begins with an attack on the body, and then may later affect the mind, but as yet, there is no evidence that any have been able to influence the spirit of man. The sin virus however, unlike any other, works in reverse.  It begins by corrupting the spirit of its victim and then attacks the mind and finally, the body.  It is a life consuming illness which, if left untreated, will cause certain death.  This virus has become so pervasive that it has affected and infected every human but one since the beginning of mankind.  Each generation has been exposed and is predisposed to its invasion.


The only cure for this particular infection is a vaccine made from the blood of one who has successfully resisted and conquered it, one who, as a result, has built up resistant antibodies, i.e. immunities which can be given to all who are willing to receive the donor’s blood vaccine, those willing to be immunized against the sin virus. I speak, of course, in metaphor.


Until Jesus, no one had ever been able to resist this terrible infection and, without Him, no one ever will.  Why?  Because everyone born has a predisposed vulnerability to it; in other words, everyone born has an inherited weakness toward sin.  The blood of Jesus provides the only cure.  He alone has been able to defeat its power and His blood alone carries the healing ability necessary to cleanse its polluting effects and keep them from destroying the spirit within us.  The blood Jesus provided could not be used until its donor had died, only then did it have the power needed to perpetuate life and defeat the deadly sin virus.


The sinless sacrifice of Jesus has provided the only cure for mankind.  Receive immunization through His blood sacrifice and live eternally, or reject it and die.  Without this immunization, the spirit of man will perish forever and along with it, his body and mind.  The choice is ours, the spirit of man will live, his mind will be renewed and his body replaced eternally through the healing power of Christ’s blood.  He suffered and died that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  He conquered death through His resurrection and because He lives we too can live, it’s our choice, it’s up to us.


The Metaphor

Why have we chosen to explain the logic of God's salvation plan using such a detailed metaphor? Indeed, why use a metaphor at all? It should be clear to all that we live and function in the natural realm. As yet, we're not fully acquainted with the supernatural, the spiritual dimension that we've proven logically exists. By using this medical, physiological model, we're able to grasp what we logically cannot at present see. thus, it's logically reasonable that if our bodies can be impacted by positive and negative influences, then our spirits can be influenced in the same way. We understand that our bodies are vulnerable to disease thus, it is logical that the mind and spirit of man are also under attack. if this is true, then it is reasonable to conclude that the spirit of man can be weakened, if not destroyed, by the deadly effects of sin, the corroding disease of the spirit.


The New Testament Church

If you choose life, you must believe in Jesus and the healing power of His sinless blood then you must find a church in which to learn and grow. What is a church? A church is a body (group) of believers that meets to learn and worship Christ Jesus, to use God's spiritual gifts, to serve and edify one another and to advance God's kingdom. The forces of evil have invaded the universe, this world and the church. Don't be deceived. You must be careful to examine everything carefully and compare it to the Biblical New Testament word of God. Don't believe anyone, even the well intentioned. They also could be deceived. You must study the word of God, i.e. the bible yourself, listen to good teachers but check what is taught with the bible. one must agree with the other.


Churches are simple. God's worship is simple and biblical truth, God's truth's are easy to understand. If they're not, they're most likely not God's truths. Read and study God's word (the bible) for yourself and seek teachers whose lives reflect the truths He has recorded. Read the Bible’s New Testament and construct from it what a real church is, then look for it; accept nothing less. Serve it and the others who form your spiritual family and continue to grow so that you may experience the joy of the true Christian life and serve the creator that made you, loved you and healed you.


Beware Of Imitators

Many will claim to be Christians. Christianity is something lived, not just professed. If the life doesn't match the claim, then you're involved with a hypocrite and not a true Christian. Check the word of God; see what a true Christian is, then pick your friends from among the faithful. God bless and guide you as you seek to do His will. He will free you from the consequences of the sin virus in the life to come. Your creator awaits your answer to his invitation. Will you accept the spiritual vaccine of salvation made available through the blood of Jesus? Simply ask God, your creator, to send the healing power of Jesus' blood to wash away your sin and give the rest of your life to Jesus. Sin is a spiritual disease which requires a spiritual cure. Jesus has provided, through his sacrifice, the spiritual vaccine, the answer necessary to heal us and give us everlasting life. Accept it. He'll send you the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you into all truth. Allow the Holy Spirit to do this, it's the only logical thing to do.